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The Certified Inspectors at Holmes Inspection Company, are highly trained and professional Residential, Commercial Building and Environmental inspectors. Our mold testing samples are analyzed by a Nationally Certified and Accredited “AIHA” Environmental Laboratory. We have performed mold testing and moisture intrusion evaluations in single family homes, retail and business offices, auto dealerships, schools, churches and many other commercial buildings. We have worked with mold remediation contractors for many years in both small and large projects, as well as helping insurance companies by providing moisture analysis, mold investigation or assessment and expert witness type reports.

The professional inspectors at Holmes Inspection Company follow the generally accepted mold inspection and sampling protocols that meet or exceed the standards established by: The United States Environmental Solutions Association and The New York City Department of Health.

The professional inspectors at Holmes Inspection Company follow strict sampling guidelines, utilize legal chain of custody paperwork, and send all of our mold samples to AIHA accredited laboratories for testing and analysis by certified and/or licensed air quality technicians.

My name is Dan Bowers and I do residential, commercial and environmental inspections in the Kansas City metroplex and surrounding areas. I’ve been performing building inspections full time since 1984. Before that I was a Home Builder, Contractor, Real Estate Broker and part-time home inspector for over 10 years. In the past 20 years I have been featured in over 64 articles for local newspapers or magazines, appeared on several TV or radio shows on housing defects, and we’ve have been featured on both Stan Kramer’s investigative TV news show, the KC Star’s home video series on home ownership and Channel 41 as an expert in construction defects, etc. I am also an approved Continuing Education Trainer for FHA, all 3 major home inspection associations (NAHI, ASHI, NACHI) and I have taught adult education classes on building and construction defects at Johnson County Community College in Kansas.

I first started doing Mold Testing in 1991 after taking a 2 hour CE introductory class on MOLD. In 1998 I attended the Exterior Design Institutes (EDI) week long course and became Certified as a Moisture Analyst. In 2001 I took a 8 hour seminar on Mold and Healthy Homes, and we’ve been going strong ever since (check out our training and certifications).

With over 23 years of experience in mold testing, Holmes Inspection Company is one of the MOST EXPERIENCED mold testing companies in this area. We provide affordable and professional mold services throughout the Kansas City metropolitan and surrounding areas. Whether you currently own a home, OR you are selling, OR buying a home, you can choose Holmes Inspection Company to test your home for MOLD with confidence and peace of mind. Our professional team of MOLD specialists are committed to helping you make your home or workplace a safe haven and protect it from high MOLD levels and the associated health risks

Many inspectors in our area have simply purchased MOLD testing equipment and started walking, talking and testing, with NO formal training or education. With the health concerns associated with elevated Mold levels, it’s CRAZY for you to entrust your family’s health to someone like that. Besides having done Mold Testing for over 23 years, I’ve taken many hours of Mold, Building Science and Moisture Analysis Classes OR Training such as:

Great Lakes ASHI Chapter; Schaumburg, IL – 1991 (2 Class Hours)
                        Mold & Mold Testing

EDI (Exterior Design Institute); Philadelphia, PA - 1998 (40 Class Hours)
                        Moisture Analysis Certification

METS Laboratories; Chicago, IL - 2001 (12 Class Hours)
                        Mold & Healthy Home Training Class

PRO-Lab; Oklahoma City, OK - 2006 (8 Class Hours)
                        Mold Assessment

The Midwest “Pro-ASHI” Chapter; Overland Park, KS - 2007 (4 Class Hours)
                        Mold Sampling & Mitigation

iNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors); Boulder, CO - 2008 (16 Class Hours)
                        Thermal Imaging (Infrared) & Building Science

FLIR Level I Thermography Course; Overland Park, KS - 2008 (32 Class Hours)
                        Infrared & Thermography (moisture, electrical, building science)

PITI (Professional Inspection Training Institute); Leawood, KS - 2009 (8 Class Hours)
                        Mold Testing & Protocols

Monroe Technology / Certified Residential Thermographer; Austin, TX - 2014 (16 Class Hrs)
                        Certification Course in Infrared, Building Science, Moisture Analysis, Etc

IAC2 Certified (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants) # IAC2-00-0709 Mold / Indoor Air Consultant Certification


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Lead Inspector: Dan Bowers, CRI, ACI, CMI, EDI

Office Phone: (816) 455-8787 …… Kansas City Mold Inspection is owned and operated by a professional full-time home inspector based out of the Overland Park, KS area. The inspection business is my life passion and I enjoy helping families all over the Kansas City Metroplex and surrounding areas.in Missouri and Kansas. You know why you need a MOLD inspection, question is who do you hire? Rest assured, as a Certified Master Inspector, I possess all the knowledge and professional tools you need to help you make an educated decision on possibly the largest investment of your life.

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