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Base Rate:
1 Control (Outside)
2 Samples Inside

Additional Samples
$75 Per Sample

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Equipment we use for testing

Air O Cell Mold Cassettes  




We test for mold by using either Air-O-Cell or Z5 spore trap cassettes attached to an IAQ pump, swabs or by a lifting tape. We recommend if you are concerned about high levels of mold or unusual mold types that you should air test and possibly swab the furnace filter. Each air sampling test takes 5 to 10 minutes. Once done we will ship all samples to our mold lab for analysis. Our standard fee includes shipping by Priority Mail (delivery to the lab in 2-3 days). Your lab results will be available in 48 hours.

If time is of the essence, for slightly extra we can ship by FedEx, next business day delivery and results will again be available in 48 hours. Direct access to the lab for questions is available if needed.

One mold air cassette can typically cover an area up to 800 - 1,000 sf of the building being tested.

Reasons To Mold Test

1. Piece of Mind

2. Allergy / Sinus

3. Respiratory Problems

4. Moisture Intrusion

5. Prevent Liability

6. Real Estate Sale

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